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Current Guest Draughts

September 25th, 2010

Ramstein Blonde, Woodchuck Amber Cider, Lindeman’s Framboise,

Hofstetten Kubelbier, Weyerbacher Harvest Ale, Harpoon Glacier Wet Hop Ale

Current Gaslight Draughts

September 25th, 2010

B.A. Massive, Pirate Pale Ale, Bulldog Blonde, Perfect Stout, Pinhead Pilsner,

Bison Brown Ale, Enkel Biter, Jack O’Lantern Organic Pumpkin Ale

April 1st, 2010

Well it’s been a busy few weeks. The 8 O’Clock Porter came out very nice. It was a coffee bomb, which I liked. I think it might have been a little too much for your average coffee or beer person. The aroma was AMAZING. Big mocha from the coffee and dark malts. I will be doing this again. In fact I think I will be making a special keg of coffee porter out of this batch of Big Dog. I’m going to cut back the coffee to 3 pound per 10 gal (or .3lb/gal) and I might even add something else to knock it up a few notches. Maybe some lactose or Malto Dextrine of bolster the body. I’m not sure. If you have some suggestions, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.

I also have been brewing and filtering some new stuff. I put on a new batch of Bulldog Blonde and THE ELIMINATOR has reared it’s horned head once again. At 8.6% it will kick you in the head. A little sweetness and the cold fermentation gives it a smoothness that has the potential to pack a punch like a 2×4 wrapped in velvet and bubble wrap. Watch out!!!

This past week I also brewed a batch of Perfect Stout & Kolsch. Perfect as the weather starts to turn warm. The next few beers to be brewed will be a Steam Beer, The MyGarden Wit (with summer just around the corner) & one of my Favoriste, Hopfest.

March 14th, 2010

Well yesterday was a very interesting day for me at the brewery. It was a filtration day. The Zum Alt Dorf & the Big Dog Porter were filtered. I started carbonating them yesterday also. Today the will be finished carbonating and they should be on tap within a day or two. I actually have to wait for the Sierra Nevada Glissade to kick before the porter can go on since that’s the line it will be on.

The thing that made it so interesting was the experimental beer I made. I filled an firkin of Porter but instead of dry hopping it I added 4 pound of course ground Coffee. That’s right, we will have a Coffee Porter on the beer engine with a few weeks. As soon as I pick a date for that, I will put it on the events calender. That is also part of the experiment. How long should we let the Coffee cold brew in the firkin? At 4 pound of coffee that works out to be about .8 ounces of ground coffee per pint. To give you an idea you use 7-8 grams of coffee per shot of espresso. So this is about 3 shots of espresso in per pint. I am REALLY looking forward to trying this cask. ;p

BrewDay with Draught Board 15 Members

March 4th, 2010

I’m sorry this has not been updated before now. It has been really crazy here. On Saturday February 20, 2010 I brewed the Eliminator. Our award winning Honey Double Mai Bock. This year I added a little twist. Draught Board 15 member were invited to help make this beer. 5 of them joined me. Dan, Vince, Liam, Gevon (G)  & Doug. We started in morning with bagels & coffee and then got brewing. They helped with the mash and the boil. I had to climbing to the fermentor to scrub it since amazingly enough there were no volunteers for that. G, Vince & I took pictures and some videos. Here are some of them. The rest should be up on our pictures page and YouTube soon. We have done this before but not for a long time. We are going to try and set up 2 or 3 of these a year from now. I will be posting it have when we have some date and hopefully Vince will put it on the DB15 website.

We don’t seem to have a picture of G. He’s link a Ninja.

January 13th, 2010

It has been very busy here with the year ending. Holiday parties & Holiday beers!!! We have also done some upgrades here at the Brewpub. We have added 4 more beer lines!!!!!! These will be used mostly for guest beers but we will also be using them to expand our house draught offerings. When a beer starts to get low, we can put it in a keg and put it on one of these extra lines. That will allow us to clean & sanitize that serving tank and then put another beer into that tank. This is looking to be a great year for beer!!! We have some excellent cask ales coming up. Check out the events page for dates of upcoming casks.

October 29th, 2009

What a week!!!! This past weekend the pump on the boiler was having trouble. Finally got it fix so yesterday I cleaned & sanitized 2 of the serving tanks. Filled 2 casks of Warrior E.S.B. dry hopping 1 with Cascade and the other with East Kent Goldings. I also filled 1 cask with Prince of Darkness (our dark mild) dry hopping it with East Kent Goldings. I then filtered the Warrior and the P.O.D. into the serving tanks I mentioned. The P.O.D. is carbonating today and should be on tonight or Friday. Just in time for Halloween!!! The Warrior will be on as soon as I get an open line. That should be very soon since The Belgo Pale and the Oktoberfest are flying.

Also, be on the look out. The Victorian Christmas Dinner menu will be available VERY soon. The date is December 9th and you should get your tickets soon. We have already sold half of them!!!

October 22nd, 2009

Today seems to be a good beer day. The Dog River Organic Pumpkin Ale was filtered, carbonated and put on. Not bad for a pumpkin beer. I don’t usually like this style but I am pretty happy with the way this turned. I also put on the Pinhead Pilsner. Right know we have 9 house beers on tap. 8 on draught and one on cask. I also put on Schneider’s Wiesen Edel Weisse. This is a very tasty beer and I don’t expect that it will last very long.

October 10th, 2009

Today I wet-hopped the E.S.B. with 10 pounds of Warrior. They smelled great!!!! They were also huge. Some of the cone were as big as my thumb and very sticky with luplin (the yellow resin that contains the alpha & beta acids and the oils of the hops). I can’t wait for this beer to be on tap. It should be up in 2 to 3 weeks and it will be about 7% ABV. That is a little bit higher than last years batch.

Today I also brewed the Dog River Organic Pumpkin Ale. That is a big pain in the butt to make. The mash was very thick & sticky with 95# of organic pumpkin pulp. I cut back slightly on the cloves reducing it from 3oz to 2oz. It also has 1 pound each of cinnamon & nutmeg. I will be adding vanilla beans to the serving tank. I smelled & tasted really good going into the fermentor with a starting gravity of 1.058.

The Fall & Beer

October 8th, 2009

We have received our wet Warrior hops. I brewed the E.S.B. on 10/3 and primary is just about done. I will be adding the 10lbs of un-kilned Warrior hops to the E.S.B. on Saturday. This beer should be ready to tap in about 2 weeks. I will also be filling a couple of firkin for our beer engine. We have also gotten the Organic Pumpkins from Dog River Farm in Vermont. We roasted them today. Our Organic malt & hops came in yesterday. I will be brewing this on Saturday. Tony has the pumpkin seeds and he is baking them. They should be available at the bar soon and for a very limited time.