We have the ability to have 8 of our own beers on tap at any given time. We try to have at least 1 lager on at all times, but because of the long fermentation and storage time this does not always work out. Being a small brewery we can use many different kinds of malts, hops and yeasts to make our beers as close to style as we can. Our current draught selections, both house and guest, are kept updated on the blog page. These are descriptions of the different beers we make during the year.


Bison Brown Ale              OG 1.054 13.3 °Plato 23 IBUs 48 °Lovibond

This is a Northern English Brown Ale made with Canadian Pale & Munich and Belgian Chocolate & Caramel malts. It is hopped with American Apollo, Palisade & Glacier hops. It features a dryer, ‘nuttier’ malt flavor than Southern Browns, with higher hopping and alcohol levels, though these are still in the low to medium range.


Perfect Stout                       OG 1.040 10 °Plato 25 IBUs 70 °Lovibond

An Irish Dry stout this is rich, dry, extra-dark, almost black ale. We use Canadian Pale and Belgian Chocolate & Caramel malts as well as American Roasted & flaked barley. The dryness comes from the use of roasted unmalted barley & a moderate hop bittering rate; flaked unmalted barley also adds a creaminess. It is Hopped with German Tettnanger & American Palisade.


Pirate Pale Ale                              OG 1.053 13 °Plato 26 IBUs 10 ° Lovibond

A Light copper British Pale Ale. Aroma features fine British hops with malt for balance. Flavor similarly features hops with good support from the malt. We use Canadian E.S.B. and Belgian Munich & Caramel malts. It is hopped with American Warrior, Amarillo & Apollo and British East Kent Goldings. Generally a well-attenuated beer with light to medium body & medium carbonation.


Bulldog Blonde                    OG 1.048 12 °Plato 17 IBUs 3 °Lovibond

An American Blonde Ale with a soft, lightly malty palate, some fruitiness, and a pleasant hop bouquet. The flavor is balanced with a light bitterness with the accent tilted towards malt. Pale straw in color. We make this with American 2-Row Malt and it is hopped with German Tettnanger and American Glacier.


Big Dog Porter                        OG 1.053 13.1 °Plato 30 IBUs 90 °Lovibond

A Robust, dark ale with a fairly full body, a coffee-like dryness from the use of roasted malts (as opposed to the roast barley character of stouts), a malty flavor, and a strong hop character that balances these other factors. Dark brown to black and medium to full-bodied. We use Canadian E.S.B., Munich & Honey Malts, English Amber & Chocolate and Belgian Caramel. We also use German Magnum & American Glacier hops.

Solstice Ale                           OG 1.053 13 °Plato 22 IBUs 2 °Lovibond

This beer is brewed to be released at the summer solstice each year to help us usher in the warm weather. A Cream Ale is an adaptation of the American light lager style, chiefly involving fermentation of the beer as an ale followed by a period of cold conditioning. Flaked corn is added as a grain adjunct to keep the beer light-bodied & colored as well as adding a smooth crispness. Pale straw in color with a low hop bittering and some hop aroma. This beer is made with Canadian Pilsner malt, Flaked corn and Slovenian Celeia hops.

Abbey Normal                      OG 1.070 17 °Plato 27 IBUs 52 °Lovibond

A Belgian Abbey Dubble, this is a dark amber-brown ale with a rich malty flavor and aroma that gives way to some hoppy dryness in the finish. Full, malty body. Aromas and flavors are derived from unique yeast strains. Dark Candi sugar is added during fermentation for added alcohol and flavor. It is brewed with Belgian pale, caramel, aromatic and chocolate malts & American Santiam & Simcoe hops

MyGarden Wit Beer                     OG 1.049 12.3 °Plato 16 IBUs 2.2 °Lovibond

A form of wheat beer made with about 50% unmalted wheat & oats and 50% pale barley malt. Spices of coriander and orange peel compliment the sweetish, often honey-like aroma. Very pale and slightly cloudy because it is unfined & unfiltered. We use Belgian Pils malt and Flaked wheat & oats. It is hopped with American Amarillo for a little extra citrus flavor.

Pin-Head Pilsner                    OG 1.056 13.8 °Plato 30 IBUs 2.6 °Lovibond

A Bohemian Pilsner, the original inspiration for other light lager beer styles. We only use German Pilsner Malt for this beer. It is hopped with American Apollo, Glacier and Palisade & German Tettnanger. Aroma is rich with a complex malt and spicy, floral hop bouquet. Light gold to deep copper-gold. Flavor is complex; use of softer water allows greater intensity of malt and hop flavors without harshness, with malty sweetness giving way to a crisp, lingering hop bitterness in the finish. Medium bodied.

Belgo Pale Ale                   OG 1.055 13.5 °Plato 25 IBUs 15 °Lovibond

This is a relatively new style that has become very popular with the American craft brewers. It is a hybrid, bringing together American hops with Belgian yeasts. You take a classic American Pale Ale with citrusy & piney hops and ferment it very warm with spicy, estery Belgian yeast. The end product is a very tasty flavor explosion. We use Belgian Pale, Caramel & Aromatic malts with American Apollo & Bravo hops and ferment it at 80°F with a Belgian yeast.


India Pale Ale                         OG 1.061 15 °Plato 40 IBUs 12 °Lovibond

A pale ale renowned for its ability to survive long voyages to India. Significantly higher alcohol levels and hopping rates are used as a preservative. Often paler than Pale Ales. Medium gold to light orange-copper. There is a powerful aromatic hop presence as well as hop flavor and bittering, with subdued malt as a result. We use English Maris Otter, caramel & wheat malts and American Simcoe, German Magnum and English Fuggles & East Kent Goldings hops. We also dry hop this in the fermentor & serving tank with more East Kent Goldings.

1920’s Lager             OG 1.056 13.8 °Plato 30 IBUs 2 °Lovibond

A Classic Pre-Prohibition style of American lager that died out during Prohibition. Made from German Pilsner Malt and 26% flaked rice to dilute the excessive protein levels, giving it a slight sweetness that is offset by good hop levels. Medium to high malt and hop flavor and aroma. We use German Tettnanger and American Millenium & Palisade Hops.

Oktoberfest                 OG 1.065 16 °Plato 27 IBUs 15 °Lovibond

A lager from Munich with a distinctive malt sweetness and toasted malt aroma and flavor resulting from the use of Munich malts. This is made with German Munich & Caramel Malts. May be sweet on the palate but should have a fairly dry finish. The hops are distinctly German, Magnum & Perle, but are not usually prominent in either aroma or flavor, simply in balance. Dark red-amber & Medium bodied.


Kolsch              OG 1.052 13 °Plato 30 IBUs 2.5 °Lovibond

This is a “Hybrid Beer” because it is brewed using an ale yeast but at cooler, lager temperatures then cold-conditioned for several weeks. It is lightly fruity in the nose with a soft palate and a delicate dryness in the finish from German hops. We use only German Pilsner Malt in this beer. It is hopped with German Perle, Magnum & Hallertauer.