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March 14, 2010

Well yesterday was a very interesting day for me at the brewery. It was a filtration day. The Zum Alt Dorf & the Big Dog Porter were filtered. I started carbonating them yesterday also. Today the will be finished carbonating and they should be on tap within a day or two. I actually have to wait for the Sierra Nevada Glissade to kick before the porter can go on since that’s the line it will be on.

The thing that made it so interesting was the experimental beer I made. I filled an firkin of Porter but instead of dry hopping it I added 4 pound of course ground Coffee. That’s right, we will have a Coffee Porter on the beer engine with a few weeks. As soon as I pick a date for that, I will put it on the events calender. That is also part of the experiment. How long should we let the Coffee cold brew in the firkin? At 4 pound of coffee that works out to be about .8 ounces of ground coffee per pint. To give you an idea you use 7-8 grams of coffee per shot of espresso. So this is about 3 shots of espresso in per pint. I am REALLY looking forward to trying this cask. ;p